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Science Fiction Today - Abortion

If I were going to start writing Science Fiction Today more regularly, I think the topic I would start with would be abortion. Because whoa, you want to talk about a heated political issue of today, with no answer that people can come to a consensus on? 515 more words

Science Fiction

Not much new….

All I seem to do is work and sleep, work and sleep. Its my one day off this week and I cant seem to get up the gumption to do anything. 198 more words


Hello world! Welcome to the Feminist Meme

As I spot a great meme on Facebook or elsewhere, I’ll share it here. Let’s spread the word that women are not ready to be pushed back into the previous century. 51 more words


Thoughts Of Crotch Fruit (more commonly known as "children")

As a mid-to-late twenty-something, I often encounter new mothers gushing (no pun intended….okay, maybe a little) about the  joy brought into their lives when an aggressively parasitic abdominal tumor ripped through their crotch and was given a name. 666 more words


The Word on Nicotine, Vaping, and Birth Control

There is currently a lack of information out there on vaping and birth control usage – indeed, many doctors themselves are still uneducated about vape products, and certainly there are not many medical studies available on the interactions between nicotine vapor and birth control. 833 more words


Most Young Republicans Support Birth Control, Poll Says

A majority of young Republicans believe every woman should have access to affordable birth control, according to a new poll.

The survey, by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, found that 57% of Republicans aged 18-34 said they had a positive view of birth control, and two-thirds of them agreed that “every adult woman should have access to affordable, effective birth control because it gives people a chance to build families on their own terms.” 135 more words

Lessons about Writing from Three Dribbles and a Jump Shot

A Metaphor

Three dribbles, one jump shot. That’s all.

That’s all that it takes for me to know if someone can play basketball or not. I don’t even have to see if the ball goes in the hoop. 1,029 more words