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What's real?

I have two birthdays.

One birthday is the day/ anniversary of the day on which I was born.

The other birthday is the one which appears on my birth certificate but has nothing to do with my birth. 561 more words

Adoption BS Message


Thank You for visiting WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com site 2. This is NOT a Birther website. We are not claiming that Obama was born in Kenya, although there is an almost overwhelming amount of evidence to prove that he was…. 485 more words

Arizona Tea Party

New Birth Certificates Ask If 'Woman Giving Birth' Is 'Male Or Female'

No, that’s not a typo.

A city Health Department form for new parents requesting birth certificates asks the “woman giving birth” if she’s male or female. 346 more words

Total Control

An overseas birth certificate?

On Saturday 7 Feb 2015, I “ordered” a birth certificate or record for Elizabeth Petronella Dornauf via a page on the website of Weisbaden, the town that I believe she was born in. 65 more words

William E. McCormack

Birth Certificates and Social Security Numbers

Everything that I read about adopting from foster care recommended that we change social security numbers. Our lawyer for the adoption recommended the same thing. Considering that we don’t know who could have the numbers or on how many documents scattered through old foster homes and the county, it seems an intelligent thing to do. 129 more words

Are you living your dreams; or, of your Parents?

Live your life. Make your dreams come true. Turn your dreams int reality. Live your dreams.

Sounds familiar?

Too familiar?

You must have seen/heard these lines in so many motivational/inspirational posters and speeches. 656 more words