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- haiku # 101 -


flocks harmonize with strong sound;

proud hearts contain joy.

D.J. Whisenant



Sharp eyes on the prize

Osprey wings on the downbeat

Prepared for battle

–Image, http://frankabbottphotography.com


Hooded Merganser

Spring break continues with beautiful sunny days in the 70s!  Today I went on a road trip with my friend, and fellow nature photographer, Bill.  We went to the Hennepin Canal Visitor’s Center in Sheffield, Illinois.   155 more words


Counting Hawks

Ever since my father died in 2009, I’ve paid close attention to the sky. I think of him and miss him every time I see the moon because it was special to both of us. 1,115 more words


Birds of the Loddon Region - Diamond Firetail

DIAMOND FIRETAIL    Stagonopleura guttata

SIZE: 12cm

HABITAT: grassy woodland – south-eastern Australia

Male solid”upright” finch. Marooon bill; lores black. Grey above, white below; black chest band. 37 more words


Birds of the Loddon - Whistling Kite

WHISTLING KITE   Milvus sphenurus

SIZE: F52-59cm, M51-54cm

HABITAT: soars over open woodlands, plains, streams, swamps, sea shores – across Australia except parts of inland W.A. 56 more words