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5 Day Black and White: Day 4

I am inviting Katie to join the 5 Day Black and White. It is so easy to fall in love with Katie’s photos, every photo is perfectly presented through her Katieprior blog. 58 more words


Mochi~! The super kawaii cockatiel!

So here is a picture of the most kawaii cockatiel in the whole world:

I hope he makes your day!

(P.S. he is sitting there for like several seconds without moving)


Birds v. Mammals

I’ve just watched the most incredible interaction between birds and a mammal.

A domestic cat was about to pounce on a group of feeding feral pigeons in an urban garden (in Liverpool, UK), just as the cat sprung into action to catch the pigeons, three seagulls (presumably herring gulls) swooped down very close to the cat in an action that could only be described as a ‘dive bomb’! 90 more words


Close-up on a Sharp-shinned Hawk, by Don McKay

When someone asks me about a hawk that they spotted in their backyard, my first suggestion is always a sharp-shinned hawk.  These lovely birds thrive in suburbia in the northeastern United States. 250 more words


better days ahead

I admit it, I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. It might have something to do with going to bed cranky but that’s another story… anyway I just felt blah when I got up, and I didn’t want that feeling to follow me and taint my interactions with my kids while we homeschooled. 118 more words

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