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Tybee For Two

Tybee for two – that would be my husband and I  spending the past two days together on Tybee Island.  What a blessing to get away for awhile.  456 more words


All The Rage

Well…getting all fluffed up seemed to be all the rage in the salt marsh yesterday. Besides our little white snowy friends, this great blue heron felt the need to let it all hang out! 11 more words

Wildlife Photography

Multi-tasking with a Snake-Bird

I love it when I can do several things at once. I feel a sense of achievement when I accomplish the goal for the day and feel even better when I can do two things for the journey of one. 337 more words


Salmonberry perch

Here’s another song sparrow (Melospiza melodia) perched in a winter-dormant salmonberry thicket (Rubus spectabilis), overlooking the marsh. Because song sparrows vary in color according to region, and in this area at least I see many variations in their color, I sometimes have a difficult time positively identifying them as they can resemble other sparrows in color and size. 28 more words


Growing up fast

There were 2 baby eagles on the nest. One was much older and was flapping pretty good. He didn’t appear ready to take off just yet. 85 more words

Bird Photography

Walking on Water

Look closely and you will see that this pelican’s wing tips are actually touching the surface of the water. This gives the appearance that it is walking on water. 9 more words