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Il prépare son baluchon et part à la recherche de nouvelles aventures.

the ephemera:  reproductions of old world map, par avion airmail stickers, natural history image of an owl. original vintage airmail stamp.


Par fusée

Il est rusé

ses chaussures trop usées

il se fait envoyer par fusée

comment le refuser?


Par avion

Il s’en va au nouveau monde pour faire fortune.

Un dernier regard en arrière avant de partir.

Espoir et regrets se lisent sur son visage. 29 more words



Via Air Pelican

Letters, packages, presents, tied up with string;

Cards, bills, receipts, invites and other things;

Post scripts, money orders, and mail order brides… 83 more words


New game : altered cigar box

What was she up to?

A new game, it appears.

What will her next move be?

Only she holds the key.

The ephemera:  original document cover from 1855, reproduction of swan game board, reproduction of soap label, reproduction of vintage postcard, reproduction of natural history image of bird’s nest, reproduction of botanical illustration, handmade rag paper, leaf ribbon scrap, reproduction of old topography. 12 more words


Off to the tropics again: luggage tag

Costa Rica Song

I wanna leave this place yeah to never be found
I wanna leave my old life far behind
Can I lose my name, be someone new… 62 more words


What A Hoot - HMB #47

Really gotten into watching Vicky Papaioannou‘s youtube videos and i love the way she adds dimension to her artwork with paper piecing! This is inspired by that: 43 more words