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"Mentally ill " does not equal stupid or dangerous.

I am not talking about the physical structure of the bipolar brain in this post. I am talking instead about how and what people think when they think about bipolar disorder and the other mentally sick people in this world we live in. 411 more words

Invisible Illness

' It ' has found me.

Out of nowhere, a cruel rapid attack,

my clear head’s gone and depression’s back.

It wasn’t invited, it forced it’s way in,

tore up my soul, then chucked in the bin. 69 more words



Sorry its been a long time since I have written here. A lot of things have happened and time got away from me.
So here’s what’s happened. 596 more words

Life Lessons

My medication treatment

My Medication

I have received some direct requests about how I handled being on medication.

Here is my experience:

First let me begin by saying that it is best to consult a doctor when trying to regiment your medication. 479 more words

Me ?

It’s really weird, because if you met me in real life (which is not very likely, as I only leave my house when I have to) you would see I’m actually very shy, always trying to stay out of sight. 47 more words



is a ridiculously powerful word. I watched this and my hatred for this clich├ęd song died. I felt anguish, emotion. I heard it for the first time. 50 more words

Everything happens for a reason

I think back to a month ago when I was feeling suicidal and like my life was crashing down. And I think, damn. I was so wrong. 569 more words