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I Hate Summer

Okay, now that I have your attention I will explain. There are many things about summer that I love:

  • The children playing outside my window, laughing and having great fun…
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5th July

Hey folks,

Been a really good day today; had a nice long lay in again, and actually felt refreshed when I woke. Only got just over 7 hours sleep, and it was quite restless, but it seemed to do the trick! 277 more words


Pretty Vacant

When people think of depression it tends to be a spectrum of feeling down through to suicidal thoughts that are associated with the illness. That is only the surface of things – for me one of the greatest issues I’ve always struggled with is the complete lack of inspiration, ideas and creativity. 603 more words


Shake it Off! – Squeezing in the Exercise When Time is Tight

Sleep, diet, and proper nutrition are critical key factors in staving off depression and keeping bipolar symptoms in check. Life doesn’t always allow for a regular… 290 more words


Why Hello There

So I’ve decided to start a blog, I have no idea how this will turn out, but here it goes. My psychiatrist has told me to document my thoughts and feelings and how I’m coping with life etc. 71 more words


Lifes A Funny Old Thing

Today as I was getting ready to go into town, I was looking in the mirror fixing my hair, and although I haven’t changed that much over the years, it was like looking at my younger self again, the me from about ten years ago, it must have been the face I was making without realising it… 1,086 more words


Everyday is Independence Day in Recovery

Living without alcohol has allowed my mind, body and spirit to remain free.  Alcohol used to cloud my judgement and create a false sense of what a good quality of life was.   159 more words