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Breaking On The Inside

You may not be able to see it, but many people suffer from mood disorders. It is not something to joke around about, and I do feel as the words… 939 more words


What I’m struggling most with at the moment is how my mental health affects other people. Particularly, how they react to it.
Whenever I try to explain anxiety to other people who have no experience with it, I become suddenly inarticulate. 383 more words


I Am Not Me

I’ve always been skeptical of epiphanies…you know, those shining moments when the world finally makes sense? Frankly I’m not an epiphany sort of gal…I’m more a mull and worry until something vaguely resembles a solution, but here I’ve been this past year and something has changed—radically. 635 more words

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anxiety and bipolar

This is a little bit of a sidetrack from bipolar talk, but really it’s not. Anxiety disorders, or at least significant anxiety symptoms, often appear in people with bipolar disorder. 629 more words


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Find A Spot

I am not a very smart person. I don’t have degrees and initials after my name and I have never had to write a dissertation on a topic that I have no interest in. 1,234 more words

The Disease