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Grindrin' and Growlrin' Me Down

My delete screen from Growlr.

I went and checked out a different bar in Columbus Thursday night. I didn’t bring my book into the bar. This was new territory, and I didn’t know if it would have a good place to… 1,252 more words


30th May

Hey folks,

Been a really nice day so far; thought I’d blog now while I had the time!

Went to town this morning for some retail therapy! 481 more words


Why is Mental Illness Funny?

Yesterday, in my news feed on Facebook, there was a post about a man and a woman arrested for selling golden tickets to heaven. In the article the man said that he bought the tickets from Jesus so if they were going to arrest anyone it should be Jesus. 153 more words


Life is a Beautiful Ride

“Life ain’t always beautiful, but is a beautiful ride” (Lyrics: Live Ain’t Always Beautiful). Those are powerful lyrics about life and the pursuit of inspiration / happiness. 624 more words


A Story To Tell Of Justified Murder

Everyone has a story to tell in their lives, fortunately for me, I have many stories to tell throughout my life but this is the first one where a person died.   621 more words

Personal Narrative

brightonbipolar reblogged this on Brighton Bipolar and commented:

I came across this blog today and found it both interesting and disturbing. The writer stated that they are 'Proud' that their actions led to someone's death and I, in good conscience can't pass this by without at least a comment. No matter how someone hurts you, no matter what they do or say, human life is a gift - a miracle which should be cherished. From the information provided in the post it strikes me that the woman concerned was suffering with a variety Mental Health issues and was crying out to be HELPED and UNDERSTOOD. How anyone could feel that this poor woman 'Deserved' to take her own life is unfathomable to me and to the blogs author I say this : You are still here, living your life, enjoying family and friends - Something this woman will never experience again. Suicide doesn't just effect the person who takes their own life, but everyone around them. Does this woman's family deserve to suffer? Say what you will, but I find the selfish, immature attitude of this blog writer offensive. So this woman annoyed you for a while, was a pain in the ass, got on your nerves - suck it up honey, because if that's the worse you think life will throw at you then you're in for a BIG shock. I'm all for freedom of speech, but when you publish this kind of hate filled idiocy you have to expect that people are going to find it distasteful. I'm hoping that the writer here is just another Troll or a youngster who thinks its a prank/joke to make light of such a serious subject, because I'd hate to think that there are people in this world who would harbour these beliefs.

Always Hiding.

When I ended things with Chris I expected the sky to fall I don’t know what happened maybe it had to do with Jon. I met him almost a week ago we went to high school together but I never noticed him though he claims he saw me plenty of times. 614 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

shocktails and screams

Press play and read slowly, it’s four songs long.

It was a day like any other day, 24 hours long and ending in y. 784 more words