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The First Time 

everything can be perfect and then you disappear, not calling, non existent, poof… Like your life is so separate and I have never exisisted there. We never were and the waiting is making me insane, down to the pit of my stomach, I ache and morn for your loss in a sense of wonder and agony that no words seem to expell. 158 more words


A Short Excerpt From My Book

If you would like to get an idea of the writing in my new book, here is a short excerpt.



Online Counselling - My story

Nearly two months ago I was pretty desperate and had been waiting 3 weeks for an appointment with the community mental health team (CMHT) after my GP had urgently referred me but I had heard nothing. 560 more words

18th April

Hey folks,

Had a good day again today; had a nice lay in, and felt refreshed when I woke up! I do however believe I’ve got the starts of a cold though! 213 more words


Bipolar in public

On Thursday, T and I arrived in Calgary for the 10th anniversary of the Fan Expo. Thursday was preview night, and while the crowds were big, there weren’t as bad as I had expected. 254 more words


Tupac, Obama & Thought of the Day

Tupac Shakur – Hip hop artist

Thought of the day:

Tupac Shakur, were he alive at this very moment, would have been happy that the U.S. 849 more words


It's All Love

“Heart” by graur razvan ionut from freedigitalphotos.net

To say I’ve been questioned as to why I still care about my ex-husband at all is an extreme understatement. 1,385 more words

My Story