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Saturday Blog 17

I didn’t do anything today, which was the plan. I just wanted a day of doing nothing but relaxing. I should have shut my phone off but I didn’t. 559 more words


Challenge Control

One of the biggest problems I have is controlling how much I invest or give of myself to hobbies. It’s always been a failing. I was a child who would play “teacher” for weeks until I was bored and moved on to play “lawyer” or “magician” or whatever else. 284 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Prolonged Exposure Therapy Part 1

So I went to the 3rd session of my Prolonged Exposure Therapy. It was the one where I relive/talk about my traumatic experience over and over. 239 more words


Perils of Momhood

So yesterday I was gone all day at a field trip to Desoto Caverns in Alabama and this morning I was at a dance competition being a dance mom, both on behalf of to my youngest daughter. 299 more words

Bipolar Disorder

PART I OF V ISBN: 0-7611-2132-3


Yes, but please think twice before spazing out in a high-pitched squeal and tossing confetti. Withhold your well-meaning private Facebook messages gushing with affection, and the E-mails and texts about the glory, the miracle, and the wonder of motherhood. 2,219 more words


Phantasmagoric Love


Out your mouth
come butterflies

fluttering all around the flowers

in the sunlight
Out of your nose
arises the scent of roses

a narcotic to the senses… 78 more words

Animal & Landscape Photographs


It’s 7-something in the morning and I can’t sleep. I haven’t had a wink yet. I was up until 3AM finishing a sketch (which I couldn’t scan so I had to photograph.) In order to do that I had to pull out my camera from storage, hook the proper lens, then find an appropriate angle and light source. 227 more words

Bipolar Disorder