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I am sinking...

I don’t really know what has been going on with me lately, but it needs to stop.

I just want to get better and get over everything. 586 more words

Mental Maelstrom

Sometimes I can feel my moods shifting. It’s like a gloomy day when you just *know* it will rain no matter what the weather report says. 938 more words


Hennepin 100, Day 5, 6 Miles: On Safe Days

In the often tumultuous world of navigating mental health, we have to celebrate the days we feel safe.  Today, after panic attacks brought on by reminders of past emotional abuse, I moved back into a safer space. 463 more words

Mental Health

My family is crazier than I am

As much as I love my family, well most of them, I think that sometimes I’m the sane one of the bunch. I’m really close to both sides of my family. 538 more words

Bipolar Disorder

In a writing mood

In a writing mood

I had my coffee soon after I woke up and now I got the “writing bug”. I have been reading my old blogs from two years ago. 941 more words


Stuck in a Fog

I’ve been a little absent lately. And not just from this blog, but from life. The past few days have felt in slow motion. Like I can barely articulate words because it just takes too much energy. 300 more words

400 Lbs

It's All Love

“Heart” by graur razvan ionut from freedigitalphotos.net

To say I’ve been questioned as to why I still care about my ex-husband at all is an extreme understatement. 1,385 more words

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