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Dorset Camping - Vegan BBQ and Badass Big Breakfast


It was so sunny on Saturday that after actually braving the outdoors for a morning run (thought I’d get that lil’ brag in there), we decided to stuff some camping stuff and a cool bag in the car and go camp! 235 more words



When health shops first opened one of their main and best selling products was cider vinegar.

This vinegar has many health qualities, too many to go in to on this page but for centuries has been used as a cure all for so many ailments. 180 more words

Coconut Pancakes

A few weeks ago my husband and I bought biona organic coconut flour and my husband had suggested we make pancakes using the flour. I thought that this was a great idea and only shortly before I began the pancaking did I realise where my husband had got such a wonderful idea from…the back of the packet! 155 more words

Traditional Israeli Shakshuka

Growing up in an Israeli family, shakshuka was always a big part of our lives… tomatoes, parsley, coriander, cumin and paprika are the flavours of my childhood and today I just fancied shakshuka so I decided it make it for lunch as my sister-in-law was coming over and I know she loves it. 281 more words


Organic spelt pizza with Jerusalem artichokes

There were other toppings too! However this was the most interesting and it was a great surprise when I opened my shopping bag to find these instead of marinated artichokes which I was expecting. 221 more words


Coconut Water: Expensive but Beaut!

I’ve always enjoyed coconut water. So-much-so that about 10 years ago, me and a friend decided that we needed a huge jug to sup at our leisure. 324 more words

Flowbox : November

I  think found out about flow box through targeted advertising  on my facebook. It is a monthly subscription box to help you ‘Discover the best organic, natural, eco- friendly products every month’.   450 more words