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Cardiovascular System

The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. Do you know we get energy to grow & do any work because of the oxygen getting mixed with our food. 247 more words


Giant tortoises, new research

This video is about giant tortoises and turtles.

From the BBC:

The truth about giant tortoises

They’re big but tortoises used to be much bigger, and while they may be slow on their feet their minds may be surprisingly quick…

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Where Do I Live? (Budding Biologist)

by Kristine Duehl and Katy Castronovo (Illustrator)

Synopsis: Young children will eagerly explore the relationships between biomes and animals in this vivid and accurately illustrated lesson in scientific thinking.  172 more words


Life lessons from nature

One of my favorite things to do is just spend time out in nature during the spring, watching the flowers come into bloom while the wind blows pollen into my face. 702 more words

Book Review - Faith vs. Fact - Jerry Coyne takes off the gloves

Copyright 2015, Dennis Mitton

I have recommended Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution is True as the best overall argument for evolution written since Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene… 665 more words


What Excites You About Botany?

Hello plant lovers! I wanted to know more about my readers and what plants intrigue and fascinate them, so I made a poll asking you about your favorite plants. 91 more words

Make a 3D JELL-O Animal Cell

Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Learning Objective: To learn the parts of the cell by creating a model.

Want a hands-on activity for learning the parts of the cell? 158 more words