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Finding Tanzania: my visit to schools in this East African country

TL;DR: My thoughts covering my 2012 trip to Tanzania. Topics covered: Traveling to Africa, City of Arusha, The People, The Schools, 3rd World Realities, The Return, Why Africa? 8,260 more words


2015 Boston Marathon

On Monday, the Boston Marathon was run from Hopkinton to Boston for the 119th year. I’ve been a spectator at several “Boston’s,” but never quite as actively as the one I watched this week. 1,514 more words


Quote of the Week: Brancusi on Fame

One day in Switzerland, in front of a beautiful mountain there was the most beautiful of cows, and she was contemplating me in ecstasy.  I said to myself, ” I must be someone if even this cow admires me.”   I came closer; she wasn’t looking at me, and she was relieving herself.   279 more words


I need to call my Dad and Pick up Zappa's Ashes

I’m procrastinating, I’ve received two messages that need action. My Dad called two times in the past month, once for my birthday, two days late, Betty and my Dad sang Happy Birthday to me, and again two days ago, he said “I Love You.” The first thought that goes through my mind, what does he want from me? 675 more words


Sometimes things are gonna just suck and staying positive or surrendering just doesn't apply (Unless you bury your emotions)

My hands are still shaky, my heart palpitating. In a hurried state. Panic and stress. Alan stressed too. Fiona screaming, we’re driving. I turn the radio on loud to hide some of the high pitched screams. 633 more words


No Where to Hurry to, I'm Already Here.

Alan walks out the door first, I look at Jack, his Blue Bear in his mouth, little chubby cheeks, eyes looking straight into mine. He’s in the arms of a sweet girl at Play Center. 449 more words