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Changes are continuing to happen in how we deliver instruction and educate our students.  Part of those pedagogical changes are influenced by the constant and growing integration of technology into our teaching practices.   1,079 more words


Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger

Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger (1521 – 11 April 1554) was a rebel leader during the reign of Mary I of England; his rising is traditionally called “Wyatt’s rebellion”. 1,087 more words


Eccola, Finalmente la Primavera! That's it, finally Spring!

Today is a very nice Sunny day and Spring is in the air, mind you it is only 3C but nonetheless it is sufficient to give you a clear message that Winter is finished. 688 more words


  1. Pripyat, Ukraine

Perhaps the best-known ghost town in the world, Pripyat was evacuated after the 1986 nuclear accident at the Chornobyl power plant. It previously had a population of around 50,000 but now is part of the “Chornobyl exclusion zone.” 906 more words


al that is lovely

For years I have thought that I would enjoy writing a blog. When I was little, my dream job was an “arthur” – I had trouble pronouncing the word “author” – and I have always loved words, writing, grammar, and editing.* My parents used to buy me blank books in which I would dictate a story to my dad and he would write it for me. 682 more words


Piatto del giorno dal 30 marzo al 03 aprile

Il piatto del giorno è un piatto unico che comprende tutte le prelibatezze citate nel menu ed ha un costo fisso di € 8.50. Per ordinarlo chiama il +39 327.2544520 oppure invia una e-mail a  133 more words