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“I failed in some subject in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.”

-Bill Gates

The Poverty of Philantropy

The word philanthropy comes from the Greek φιλανθρωπία meaning “love of humanity.” In the Hellenistic tradition this meant subjects we now call the “humanities” – art, literature, politics, and science – were undertaken because they promoted what it meant to be human. 2,434 more words


El Perú no es pobre, es incapaz... en las palabras de Bill Gates

El fundador de Microsoft dijo que el Gobierno español debe enfocar las cooperaciones financieras a los países más necesitados

“Por qué seguir ayudando al Perú si es un país de ingresos medios”, sostuvo el creador de Windows, Bill Gates, al referirse de la ayuda española a nuestro país: En una visita a España para conversar con el presidente Mariano Rajoy sobre temas de cooperación económica a favor de naciones pobres, Bill Gates cuestionó que España siga ayudando al Perú pese a que ya es considerado un país de ingresos medios.  247 more words



Stefan Molyneux, Apr 2015

I don’t think it’s a good idea to have children because the world is overpopulated.” Stefan Molyneux passionately disagrees with this statement – and is happy to tell you why. HELP…

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Dumbing Us Down

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Excellent Stefan. The ruling turds could be equated with bad bacteria causing ill health on Earth (Gaia system)! That Billy Boy Gates sees eugenics as a solution can be linked to parental influence and his own psychopathy. Ruling turd sociopathy and perverse desire for social dominance and control.

Born into a Wealthy Family

Recently on an Astrology Discussion Board, someone asked the question, “Why was Jennifer Gates’ (Bill and Melinda Gates daughter born into such wealth; can this be seen by looking at her birth chart?   279 more words


Rollercoaster- Episode 1


The diary of an average girl


It suddenly hit me that Monday morning, that kind of full-force, breath-leaving-your-lungs, stop-dead-in-your-tracks hitting. I was an average girl! 834 more words

Creative Writing

The Five Most Requested Speakers in the World

One of our initial posts last year covered the topic of “The 10 Most ‘Booked’ Corporate and Association Speakers”. We will be making a similar post later this year but today we reveal our list of the five most requested speakers in the world. 448 more words

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