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A Bilingual Baby's First Year - Laying the Foundation

Some might say that starting a bilingual parenting blog when my daughter was only nine months old was jumping the gun a bit. What are you going to write about, Audrey? 1,493 more words


Linguistic inequality: Spanish on the job market

I’ve taken a lot of foreign language classes in my life. At different times, I’ve studied German, French, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese. The teachers that I encountered in these classes, not to mention many of my colleagues now, frequently talk about the value of language learning and multilingualism. 798 more words


The Benefits of Multilingualism

Personally, I only know one language. I have grown up in English-speaking Canada, and while I notice the bilingualism of my beautiful country I have never really had a reason to pay much attention to it, being so far away from Quebec. 261 more words


"It's Part of my Latina Heritage" (Family Fridays)

¡Feliz viernes, amig@s! To wrap up the month of February, I’m delighted to introduce you to Keila, who blogs at Mommy in Milwaukee. She and her husband are raising their two adorable boys in Spanish and English. 959 more words


Rule #315: Bilingualism

What a pain in the ass. 2 languages in Canada costing the country $2.4 BILLION annually. Not to mention it’s a pain in the ass. 195 more words


Monolingual families becoming bilingual

If you read my previous post you may remember that my parents moved countries when I was six. The move to Germany was a big change. 496 more words



I have now spent 3 weeks at El Ayudante, so I wanted to fill you all in on what that has looked like.
El Ayudante is a child care and community development center in the beautiful city of Leon, Nicaragua. 1,287 more words