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Mackenzie House 2012 (photo © by James Marsh).

William Lyon Mackenzie’s house on Bond Street in downtown Toronto.

First, Happy Birthday to my neighbours to the south. 1,924 more words


Chapter on superdiversity and business

I’m pleased to be working on a chapter for the Routledge Handbook on Language and Superdiversity.

This is a writing project which connects to an academic interest in Applied Linguistics and multilingualism, something that predates my PhD. 201 more words


Disfluency Characteristics of Kannada-English Bilingual Adults Who Stutter

The primary purpose of the present study was to investigate whether stuttering frequency differs between two languages in Kannada-English bilingual adults who stutter. The second purpose was to compare the relationship between grammatical class (content-function word dichotomy) and stuttering frequency in two languages. 181 more words

Why Historians and Linguists Should Read the Ibis Trilogy

Historians and linguists of the world: you should be reading Amitav Ghosh’s Ibis Trilogy – Sea of Poppies, River of Smoke, and the recently released Flood of Fire. 1,120 more words


Read my lips, bilingual babies!

When I first heard about this study, I was in the middle of writing up my MA thesis on the effects of video for learning new speech sounds. 649 more words


The Untranslatable Self

Panayiotou, Alexia. (2004). Bilingual Emotions: The Untranslatable Self. Estudios de Sociolinguistica, 5(1).

Emotions specific to certain languages and cultures / cross cultural variation of emotions… 97 more words

The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

It’s easy to see the physical gaps in bilingual education when we observe how much content, receptively and expressively, is developed in our second language.   Current studies have shown, however, that as far as the brain goes, bilingualism is actually strengthening our brain. 25 more words