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Where did May go??

I admit, I’ve been slacking. In my defense I have been extremely busy with work and life in general. As far as work goes I’ve spent the last few weeks in mad preparation for a Change Of Command. 1,081 more words


Show up, don't give up

The last time I wrote, it came out in bits and pieces—sprinkled throughout the course of a day. It wasn’t the most productive work I’ve ever accomplished, but it afforded me practice at my craft. 145 more words


One week in....

The rumors are true, I’ve started another hard-core fitness regimen.  After taking a solid 9 month “break” during which I have “only” been doing Bikram Yoga and a little walking, I started back to what makes TINA happy last Wednesday. 301 more words


I Am [........]

Last week Thursday, I went to a posture clinic at Bikram Yoga NYC.  All Bikram classes are conducted with you facing a floor-to-ceiling mirror.   358 more words


Who Do You Think You Are?

I often think, “Who do I think I am?” writing week after week, the words pouring from some place inside. What makes me write this stuff time and again, at times trying to shine a light on a different way of seeing things or trying to find the words that will inspire someone to make a change that will have them reaching for a better life in some way? 586 more words


Interesting Reads: Poser - My Life In Twenty-three Yoga Poses

Welcome to Hot Off The Mat’s next installment of Interesting Reads, where I periodically recommend books on yoga and meditation. If you have book suggestions, please let me know.  502 more words


Where does the time go?

This past week I began an experiment that revolves around how time seems to go faster when we’re having fun (and the opposite when we’re not). 154 more words