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Your Favourite Posture

When we discovered that we both like yoga, that we even watch the same YouTube videos of Adriene’s 30 days of yoga, she asked what my favourite posture was. 535 more words


Dialing down the distractions

It’s not every day we can disconnect to reconnect, but there are ways we may tune out the interruptions we have control over. For instance, if Facebook is a constant distraction while working on the computer, close it out until you’re ready to take a break. 131 more words

My Little Green Towel

They’re having issues with my green towel. Today she took it away. Yesterday he said try and do it without any props. Better to have no props. 621 more words


Fitness: Bikram 30 Day Challenge - Day 30 Update

I completed my 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge on Saturday, March 14. I started this journey because I wanted to add fitness as a daily habit and thought yoga would be a good place to start. 629 more words


Ode To A Bikram Yoga Teacher

I love taking classes from different Bikram Yoga teachers. Each is unique in his or her own way, and each brings a special dimension to my practice. 363 more words


5 Benefits You will Get Only from Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is the hot word of fitness today. It is doing the most scientific postures in a hygienically heated room so that one releases body toxins in the form of sweat. 355 more words

Hot Yoga

What If The Answer Is "Neither"?

Something I have heard in many Bikram Yoga classes, especially when there are new students, is that everyone enters the room differently – specifically that some people are more flexible, and some people are more strong. 196 more words

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