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How much sweat can one possibly produce?

Yes, this is the question that constantly plays through my head during the 2nd Bikram Yoga class on a day I am doing a double. 272 more words

Creepy Bikram Yoga Founder Accused of Rape by Vancouver Woman.

This week, in famous douchebag news – yoga’s most well known conman and pervert, Bikram Choudhury, is being sued by a sixth woman – Canadian Jill Lawler – … 670 more words

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Bikram Yoga - First Impressions

Sunday morning I went to my first yoga class ever – and chose to try Bikram Yoga (Bikram Yoga Rochester). I was interested in Bikram mostly because I liked the idea of hot yoga, and I was tired of being cold. 697 more words


You Are Always Where You Need to Be

Thanksgiving weekend I finally was able to get into Dancer Pose. It wasn’t the prettiest, it certainly wasn’t notable to most yoga practitioners out in the world, but for the first time my shoulders were open enough that I actually had the foot in both hands. 855 more words

Bikram Yoga

Should We Throw The Baby Out With the Bathwater?

Since the recent NYTimes article about Bikram Choudhury, my friends keep asking me, “Isn’t that the yoga that you do? Are you going to stop now because of what he did?” A fair question, so I have given it some thought. 252 more words


between harmony and happiness

I did it! I finished my daily 60 day challenge. No doubles. Just yoga, every single day. I haven’t decided how to celebrate yet…

Bikram Yoga

Don't close your eyes.

A regular thing that I say throughout my class is “eyes open. breathing normal.” This is probably the most important thing in class – eyes open. 320 more words