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Georgia ‘License To Discriminate’ Bill Forced Through Committee During Bathroom Break | ThinkProgress

Georgia ‘License To Discriminate’ Bill Forced Through Committee During Bathroom Break | ThinkProgress:

“Georgia Republicans have used a number of nefarious methods to get their way over the years, but earlier this week they busted out an especially sneaky new tactic: voting on legislation when Democrats are, um, temporarily indisposed. 195 more words


Prosecutor Denounces Wife Over ‘Do Not Trust Muzlims No Matter What’ Facebook Post

DTT: ‘She sounds like a bigot. He sounds like someone who wants to keep his job’.

By David Edwards / RawStory

Washington state prosecutor insisted this week this his wife’s racist views on Muslims would have no impact on how he handled his cases. 243 more words


A Badger Amongst The Hornets

So I’m not hugely political, I am a staunch anti-thiest so will be very verbal about that, but I don’t understand (or am not interested) enough about politics to comment on it much. 494 more words

Installment No. 257: The News Media

The Reporter-Herald (Prairie Mountain Publishing), in Loveland, CO. has a long, documented history of institutionalized racism, bigotry, prejudice, and anti-Semitism. The Managing Editor of record recently reinforced this history with the publication of an editorial cartoon which expressed the undeniable hatred the newspaper and its parent company has for Jews, specifically the leader of Israel. 88 more words

State Of Colorado

Carson Logic - The CNN Interview

Following is a partial transcript of CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s interview with Ben Carson on “New Day.” Ben Carson uses his brand of logic (known as “Carson Logic”), which is highly illogical, to disrespect, marginalize, and discriminate against homosexual people. 205 more words

Ben Carson