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ON the ‘other-side’
they’re all asking:
“Is there death
after life?”



Big Question #1 - What is Occupational Therapy?

In short, occupational therapy is the healthcare science devoted to promoting independence and meaningful activity in order to support recovery and rehabilitation from illness, disability and injury. 347 more words

Big Question

A Better Answer to the Big Question

Have you ever been at a party, maybe work related, maybe something for the holidays, and someone asks you that dreaded question? The question that is so inevitable, we can’t seem to escape it. 582 more words

Futurism And The Tomorrow Mill

While I’m working on my next few pieces, I thought I might tide you over with a question.

Imagine you are either the man or woman in the last couple on Earth. 295 more words

What If

The Engagement Story

Kyle and I started dating on October 21st, 2007- 4 days after my 17th birthday. Exactly four years later the cheeseball proposed. It’s not a crazy story, but it’s a cute one. 862 more words


On philosophers

While reading Immanuel Kant’s Prolegomena and Critique of Pure Reason, I have learned a lot about philosophers. In the introduction section of his book, he argues that philosophy should take a metaphysical approach to issues. 306 more words


Do We Trust the CDC?

With all of the exposition on the inaccuracy pertaining to the predictions of the CDC concerning the deadly and rapidly spreading Ebola virus, can we put our faith in the Center of Disease Control and Prevention? 237 more words