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I Could Write

I could write until the gilded rays of sun split the sky into an array of blended blues, purples, and golds…

until my cheeks start to lose their color, and the wrinkles on my hands become so prominent they’re almost misguiding… 629 more words


7/6/15 Morning Musing: Deference Instead of Difference

About a year ago, I was taking a CHL class and was surprised by one of the students in the class. He was a really big guy with an even-bigger chip on his shoulder. 818 more words


What bible book to read

I’m genuinely at a loss what book to read next. Unemployed. Dad died a week ago. I feel sort of numb. But the bible isn’t a self help / therapy book. 26 more words

Big Picture

How To Fit Mission Into Your Schedule

Here’s a great reminder from Paul Tripp on living an integrated life on mission for God. Check it out!

Making Disciples

How to solve your smart city puzzle

In my travels I’m almost constantly asked two questions: What is a smart city and how do we go about that journey? Even answering these two questions can be difficult as it’s a complex subject and it can be easy for a discussion to leave someone feel more confused afterwards, often thanks to the nested interdependencies within a smart city. 626 more words

Smart Cities

Surrender to the Path

When do you fight, and when do you surrender? When you find yourself falling in love, do you fight it? When do you acknowledge that to resist is futile and it is time to let go? 293 more words


YAY ALA! The Student Takes San Francisco


I’m sorry, that was undignified. But seriously, this is really awesome. By the time you read this I will have been in San Francisco for almost a week, attending the American Library Association’s Annual Conference, and I have to tell you I’m geeking out hard. 684 more words

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