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6 Ways Big Pharma Exploits Our Worst Fears to Hook America on Drugs

Selling symptoms to suggestible people has been a gold mine for Big Pharma.

By Martha Rosenberg

Long before the Internet and direct to consumer advertising, the medical profession tried to reassure people about their health concerns. 877 more words


Videos - Vitamin C For Newbies And Professionals ( And Anyone Else Worried About Cancer, Chronic Diseases, Infections, Toxins, Viruses And Even Ebola

As we can see, LINK Below, Nature/ The Universe provides.

Wasted decades and countless money, seeking the proverbial,


There are innumerable cures for Cancer, several displayed on RH. 184 more words


Big Pharma Criminality no Longer a Conspiracy Theory: Bribery, Fraud, Price Fixing now a matter of public record

Those of us who have long been describing the pharmaceutical industry as a “criminal racket” over the last few years have been wholly vindicated by recent news. 2,346 more words

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Big Pharma: Taking a Drug from Theory to Research and Development

Did you know that it can take up to 15 years to develop one new medicine from the earliest stages of discovery to the time it is available for treating patients? 107 more words


Eat Blueberries For Lower Blood Pressure.

Another Wonderfood. Needless to say, “We Are What We Eat” LINK Below.


With hypertension a common ailment, the Blueberries will address the cause of the problem, unlike Prescription Drugs that merely treat the problem, as the research has discovered. 55 more words