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When twerking first broke the internet, I was on the fence about it. Let’s face it, twerking is sexy (for the most part), but at the same time… the internet is really annoying about it, and it really has no other purpose. 44 more words

Big Ideas

Money: Do we have to have a debt system?

I follow a group from UK called Positive Money. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I do agree with the way they are asking questions about the way money / economy works. 2,284 more words

Big Ideas

The Geopolitics Of Kenya (Part 1)

After reading a well written, analytical and insightful article titled ‘The Geopolitics of India’, I felt compelled to write my own 3 part analysis of Kenya since I didn’t find any on the website. 1,702 more words


Light Fingers

Writing 201: Day 7 prompt, form and device are – fingers, prose poem, assonance.

Light Fingers

“Light Fingers” means to steal. To move outside the common weal of caring sharing. 327 more words



April may be the cruelest month, but February is the stupidest month to move to a whole new city, unemployed and largely friendless, with a mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder slowly snowballing into full-blown depression. 327 more words


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This page catalogs posts that hash out and collecting info on ideas/solutions that seem to me need to be done to make the world a better place. 20 more words

My Two Cents

Big Idea: Support Groups for Chronic Pain Sufferers

This issue is close to my heart since someone very close to me is a sufferer of chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Sufferers will be refereed to as CPS. 584 more words

My Two Cents