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Beautiful Questions and Big Ideas

This is the first of several posts summarizing ideas from this year’s jmUDESIGN, the annual Backward Design institute offered by JMU’s Center for Faculty Innovation (CFI) 688 more words


Three types of people

Here is an idea culled from a Jay Abraham audio book. It is one that I have heard before, however the way he presented it really spoke to me. 134 more words


Lost in translation

by Commodore Matthew Perry

In 1853, Commodore Perry helped open Japan to world trade, which sounds all fine and good. But, in doing it, he also introduced the world to the concept of gunboat diplomacy: using a show of force to tip the scales. 1,515 more words

Big Ideas

A Platform for Teenagers

I have an idea that I’m sure many teenagers in this generation share but are perhaps too in doubt to act on.

Most of us don’t know where we want to go straight out of high school. 672 more words


Please, No (more) Pictures

“When communities of people cannot recognize themselves in public institutions … feel that they are strangers in society, that the society is not their society” – Raymond Breton, political theorist…

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Big Ideas: Ralph Waldo Emerson on living with intent

by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Living with intent may prove to be the coin of the year, bumping mindfulness out of the bestseller lists. Both, of course–and indeed all the other topics under “well-being” at the bookstore–are attempts at answering a question that has long been with us: How can we live better, more fulfilling, less stressful lives? 1,932 more words

Big Ideas

Intro to Brazilian English

We all know that the English language has taken on dimensions well beyond the control of native speakers. As our dear and native tongue is re-appropriated and reincarnated around the world as the medium of new technology, international business, and, well, The Internet, it changes in ways that make some people excited and some people scared and annoyed. 649 more words