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Discovering the US from the UK

They say a memorable aspect of living abroad is realizing how your own country compares to the rest of the world. And they’re right. Studying in London has given me an incredible vantage point from which to judge and analyze America. 944 more words


Pinch: Chapter 9

Just as I was starting to feel like I’d lost my mind, Mrs. Crumpet, of all people, assured me that I had not.

“Willowtree?” I managed to stammer out while Mrs. 353 more words

Empirical techniques are essential for furthering the equality agenda just as they're essential for any other area of humanity's advancement

The scientific method is the main bastion of human advancement and technological progress. It has been applied to overcome gravity and reach the moon. It has made the internet possible. 35 more words

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Go Noodle

Go Noodle is a site that allows teachers to use their students energy to their ADVANTAGE. Using Go Noodle can help to keep the brain active by using activities giving the brain short breaks helping students to revive their minds. 138 more words

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TBT: Science Fair

Way back in 1984, I made this hypertext document about the solar system. I had completely forgotten about the ASCII rocket which blasted off. The code was written on my parents’ Apple iie computer. 29 more words

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Edutopia: Hands-off teaching

Hands-off teaching cultivates metacognition

This article has some solid ideas for turning the tables on classroom dynamics and assessment. I had a similar brainstorm today, for a Library Olympics, where students answer game show style questions using resources in the learning commons. 16 more words

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Mosaic Buttons and Beads

Last year we made a project similar to this one with an assortment of beads and buttons. This year, we are adding a few more mosaic pieces and stylish buttons to our Big Ideas project to turn it into a beautiful art display! 263 more words

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