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NTTコムとSOINN、クラウド上のAIでビッグデータを分析する基板確立 [ #cbajp ]

NTTコミュニケーションズとSOINNは3月31日、自律的に学習できる汎用型のAI「SOINN」を用いて、ネットワークに接続する機器が収集する膨大なデータの中から、自律的にノイズ(不要な情報や異常値など)を取り除いたうえで、法則性や因果関係を発見する技術「CLARA(CLoud based AI for Recognition and Analysis) with SOINN」(仮称)を開発しNTT Comクラウドで活用する基盤を確立したと発表した。



IBM Fluid Query 1.0: Efficiently Connecting Users to Data

by Rich Hughes

Launched on March 27th, IBM Fluid Query 1.0 opens doors of “insight opportunity”for IBM PureData System for Analytics clients. In the evolving data ecosystem, users want and need accessibility to a variety of data stores in different locations. 771 more words

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It’s Time to Think Differently About Mining Big Data

Everywhere we look today, big data is finally beginning to have an impact. Hospitals are using it to analyze patient populations, big pharma is using it to find new and better drugs faster, supply chain managers are squeezing more efficiency and timeliness out of their operations, retailers are connecting with customers in new and influential ways — the list is long and continues to grow daily. 62 more words

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San-Antonio ? San-Antonio ???

San-Antonio is a positive, all-action hero.   His novels, a literature of affirmation. And of exclamations. Not of doubts, it would seem.  On the face of it, the textual reality might be a bit more complex. 286 more words


Novel Approaches to Drug Development - 2015 Eppic Annual Conference

Drug development panel discussed how the technological advancements in Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing, when paired with focus on combination therapies that include for instance, anti cancer and immuno oncology agents, or paired with next gen sequencing technologies, and advanced companion diagnostics, with relentless focus on patient outcomes, may open new frontiers in cost effective drug development. 830 more words

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Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning videos or URLs

Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning videos or URLs

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Spark Summit East

Spark Summit East – Track C


Most Slides & Videos of the 2015 Spark Summit East at… 3,336 more words

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