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Airbnb open sources SQL tool built on Facebook's Presto database

Apartment-sharing startup Airbnb has open sourced a tool called Airpal that the company built to give more of its employees access to the data they need for their jobs. 580 more words

Model Performance metrics: How well does my model perform? – Part 2

The popularity of the last article forces us to publish this article this soon. In the last article, we discussed a few performance metrics used for classification problems. 99 more words

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How Big Data Reveals the Humans Behind Your Users (Infographic)

Digitally generated info needs to be humanized to roll out new decisions that make end users happy. This would hopefully increase your bottom line figures. To see how a credit card company and an online gaming company utilized certain types of data to ultimately increase their revenues, visit this inc.com link

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Five Signals Your Organization Is Ready For Big Data

To start or not to start with Big Data? If you are a competitive organization that also wants to remain in business the coming five to ten years, the answer should be clear. 65 more words

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Interesting Upcoming Law and Economics Center Privacy Event

On Wednesday, March 18, our fellow law-and-economics-focused brethren at George Mason’s Law and Economics Center will host a very interesting morning briefing on the intersection of privacy, big data, consumer protection, and antitrust. 157 more words