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The Data Lake: A Brief SWOT Analysis

For the last few months, I have engaged in an online debate about the data lake – first, in a blog series, and more recently, in a… 186 more words

Sensors for Real-time Analytics Arrive In Sports Helmets

Major League Lacrosse — a professional lacrosse league in the United States — has embraced sensor technology in player helmets. Or more precisely: Players in the league now wear wireless headbands under their helmets. 38 more words

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Orphans save the Pharmaceutical industry

Orphans, or rare diseases, are those diseases that affect just a small proportion of the population. These debilitating diseases – often genetic in origin – have been neglected by the pharmaceutical industry for the simple reason that the market size for each individual disease is far too small to provide a return to cover the high costs of drug development. 588 more words


IoT Analytics: A Game Changer for Customer Support

Customer service costs continue to increase, driven by the greater complexity of today’s products, growing compensation costs for personnel, and higher expectations of quality service among customers. 68 more words

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Mind Funnels Vs. Mind Webs

Imagine for a moment that someone could put a chip into every human being, translating their conscious thoughts, feelings and emotions, into short text messages. Imagine that these text messages are transmitted to a central sever where they are stored and analyzed. 757 more words

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Cross-Industry Mixing and Big Data in Insurance

We have described the situation in which different industry players are operating within their respective markets (here). We can draw parallels from those that are further ahead, and apply the learnings to those where the industry has not yet moved into embracing big data. 287 more words