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Top Risks in 2015: Webinar Takeaways with Mark S. Beasley

Given the critical importance of auditing the right risks, I’ve spent considerable time analyzing the results of the annual 2015 Executive Perspectives on Top Risks… 615 more words

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Big Data

This isn’t a work blog. But I was involved in an event last week which I found hugely interesting in a personal capacity. So I feel it’s worthwhile sharing some insight. 189 more words

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Understanding the Big Data Picture

This post is the first in a series of three addressing strategic considerations for how to approach your organization’s Big Data infrastructure to create business value. 663 more words


Can Amazon Make Machine Learning More Accessible?

First we had IBM Watson Analytics, then Microsoft launched Azure Machine Learning. With the launch of Amazon Machine Learning, the e-commerce giant is the latest tech giant to attempt to democratize the development and use of machine learning models and make the technology useful to people who aren’t data scientists. 68 more words

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how i became one

i think chris is very intriguing. he likes the simpsons. i like his style. but i have my own style too. so here i will mix both of our styles and create magic. 723 more words

Big Data

Data in the News for the week of April 27, 2015

In the news: IBM aims to reform healthcare management with the IBM Watson Health Cloud * Moore’s Law and the “Chasm Theory” * How combining digital and physical behavioral data is shaping the future of TV advertising * and more.
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