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6 Months Natural

Big Chop on April 19, 2015

Conditioner: Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner

Spray Bottle: Water and Tea Tree oil

Oil: Spectrum Virgin Coconut Oil Coconut Oil

Background info added later xD

Big Chop

My Natural Hair Philosophy

I believe Natural hair care is similar to seasonal care of plants. Granted there are obvious differences, but I believe if hair could be compared to any other being of growth, plants would be it. 128 more words

Natural Hair

Au Naturel?

There is no denying that we as human beings, especially females, are obsessed with our hair with the average women spending almost £50,000 on hair and beauty products by the time they hit 40. 670 more words


First of all welcome to my blog :) I know, can the title of my first blog be less exciting? LOL, okay let’s get started… 309 more words


The Big Chop: Cutting off all of my hair and starting over!

Every time I run into a person that knows me, they gasp …LOL. They are like “OMG you cut your hair”. Not only did I cut off all of my hair, but I went natural and dyed my hair purple. 388 more words


My hair journey

I began my natural hair journey back in 2013, I did a big chop after having permed hair for years. I got tired of the permed hair, since it was cutting like crazy(still is hmmmm, I need to figure that out). 239 more words