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9 Ways to Tell Your Toddler is a Second Child

Empirical studies conducted by me show that toddlers with an older sibling are 100% more likely to use the expression “buttface” before they turn three. And while not all households house an older sibling who is as committed to the use of the term as mine, there are other revealing tells to help you gauge whether a toddler is really that far ahead of the curve or simply is a second child. 550 more words


6 ways to help your Little stay sharp this summer

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and in addition to all of the fun outings and adventures you and your Little will have, you can help him or her retain some of that knowledge they’ve been working on all year! 268 more words

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Local kids get unexpected chance to watch NHL playoff game

REGINA – Watching an NHL game live can be a rare treat for some people living in Saskatchewan.

However, Sport Chek, along with Canadian Tire’s “Jumpstart Kids” program, sent around 50 kids to Calgary to watch a NHL playoff game. 93 more words


All in a days work (when you are the boy in this gaggle of girl)

15 minutes ago my fella was responding to my screAms! Like a superhero he swooped outside and delivered me from evil—-the SNAKE inhabiting my stadium seat. 507 more words

By what chains can we bind our morbid species from igniting a Hydrogen Bomb?

By what chains can we bind our morbid species from igniting a Hydrogen Bomb

In a previous article From “Bind man by chains of Constitution” to “Bind man by chains of Cryptography” 849 more words


Round 1, Battle 14 - (S.4 Ep. 9) Mr Plow vs (S.4 Ep. 14) Brother From the Same Planet

This is even more painful than it looks.

You love Mr. Plow, I love Mr. Plow. Everyone loves that episode. It’s zany. It’s smart. It’s quick. 594 more words

Meet a Match: Pat and Derrick

Derrick had no shortage of company. “I am one of six kids: four sisters and two brothers,” he explained. Add in his four stepsiblings, and his hardworking mother had her hands—and her house—full. 806 more words

Big Brothers Big Sisters