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July 4, 2015 --- Freedom Isn't Free

This day, of course, marks the anniversary of the signing of the declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.  Much blood was shed, and has been shed to gain and keep the freedoms Americans are privileged to possess. 275 more words

I'm free to to be a slave

Writing bits and pieces of this all week– especially this week– I found the idea of freedom, and this country’s popular motivation behind it, a challenge for me to dive deeper into the spiritual reality of what true freedom means. 852 more words


3 Things You Should Know About the Bible

This July 4 weekend, we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In addition to declaring our independence from England, and sparking the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence set forth America’s core values. 596 more words


Living Stones Spiritual House

The book of Revelation is a unique because in the very first verses it tells us the kind of book it is. This is the kind of book that John was told to write and this is what we know about it just by reading the first few verses. 1,919 more words

July 4th (America and the Church)

I wanted to post on this again, since today is the Fourth of July. I struggle with the idea that America is the nation of God. 552 more words

The Shape Of The Earth

People can disagree quite strongly about the shape of the earth. Is the earth a ball or a flat disk?

Smelling the Roses in a Hectic Life

Once I finished this past semester, I thought the constant studying and running around was over. However, I have found that I am mistaken. I am currently taking a online college course, working most week days, and doing some extracurricular activities. 324 more words