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Palm Sunday Perspective

Back in the days when my days were filled with the colorful chaos a classroom of two-year-olds brings, we always did Palm Sunday.

It might’ve been on a Monday, or perhaps to wind up the week on a Friday, but it was a… 631 more words

Christian Life And Ponderings

'Spread the gospel' has gone rogue...

Its been exactly two months since I penned down anything. In fact this is the first time this year that I am adding any content to my blog. 807 more words


The Incomplete Message of John 3:16

My apartment is a veritable maze of boxes in various stages of packing. My cat, Emma, is enjoying all the new viewing stages and resting spots all these boxes are providing. 935 more words


Bible-Thumpers and Jesus

I realize that to use the expression, “Bible-thumper” is to use a pejorative term and while it is not my intention to offend anyone, the expression seems to fit for what I want to write today. 1,404 more words

Progressive Christianity

First and Second Mile Blues

If you’ve come to walk just one mile
And to tell me what you’re taught to say,
Go on home; I’m not gonna listen.
I don’t think you’ve a thing real to say to me. 472 more words

As I Come Singing

Save Me...NOT

I’m very offended when some of these idiot, holier-than-thou bible thumpers come to my door and say they’re going to save me.  What makes them think I need saving?? 212 more words


19 Kids & Counting: Stop Having Children!!!

Everyone has heard of the show 19 Kids & Counting.
I am not a fan, I have watched one or 2 episodes. I think Jim and Michelle are selfish and half retarded. 323 more words

But That's Just Me