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Crazy Lady or just plain scared? The end result of anti gay preaching.

Meet Becky. She is a Christian. She posted this the other day. It is an anti marriage equality, anti muslim, anti abortion, anti obama meltdown. The gay commentary sites that I follow are giving it plenty of coverage. 462 more words

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You Don’t Have to Be a Superhero to do Good

I love the Bible. It comforts me, calms me, makes me laugh, and challenges me. It probably does more but the awesomeness of the Bible is not the today’s topic. 1,495 more words


United by Blood

(excerpt from a recent sermon on Joshua 22)

This story is not a conflict between two individuals. It is a conflict between tribes. It is a nation divided, first by a river, then by a misunderstanding. 1,442 more words

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Where can I find a perfect church?

Who can find a perfect church? Have you found one? If you do , let me know, I would like to see what all this magical perfection looks like and all the perfect people on their perfect pews, perfectly praising God with no sin to their name. 1,260 more words


Original Grace

The bible says some people pervert grace into a license to sin. As a consequence, when this happens we tend to react by drawing away from grace and fearing it so that we won’t be one of those living wrong while thinking it is right. 116 more words

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I'd Like to Speak to the Manager: The Great Divorce #6

The capitalistic endeavor of the intelligent man in the bowler hat continues as he labors off with the smallest of golden apples. This is the ghost determined to bring heaven to hell, to introduce a real commodity in a place with “no scarcity”, and maybe to turn a little profit in the process. 856 more words

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Don’t Let Your Opinion Get in the Way of Your Salvation

Revelation is largely known for its description of what the church refers to as The Great Tribulation; or what most people would call the Apocalypse. There’s tons of colorfully worded destruction in the book. 1,076 more words