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What is my spiritual gift?

Have you ever wondered what your spiritual gift ┬áis? Or maybe you didn’t know that you have a spiritual gift. God’s Word teaches that each believer is given at least one… 268 more words

Thinking Versus Complaining

The children of Israel left Egypt. They are in the wilderness and see the Egyptians coming. They complain that they would rather have been slaves in Egypt. 387 more words

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Which is Better: Something Uncertain or Something Bad But Known? The Children of Israel Must Decide.

The children of Israel escaped into the desert. When they thought that they were free they saw the Egyptians coming after them. At this point they ask Moses if it would not have been better to serve as slaves in Egypt then be free in the wilderness where they believe that they will die. 259 more words

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Remembering Specific Days

Moses admonished the children of Israel not to forget the day that God took them out of Egypt.

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Discussion Regarding Remembering Specific Days: 236 more words

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valuable inbox study tool

Our hearts and minds must be transformed. Transformation begins as God’s Spirit gives us belief in the truth of God’s Word, and as we then intentionally seek to know what the Bible says (and means) so that we can obey and honor our Lord. 233 more words


Three Days of Thick Darkness

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Discussion Questions About Darkness:

  • What do you think a thick darkness would feel like?
  • How is a thick darkness different from regular darkness?
  • 238 more words
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