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My non-New Years Resos

I was going to write a post about new year’s resolutions, possibly how it’s going and possibly share mine with you. However, I think there are enough new year’s resolutions floating around that I needn’t bother. 468 more words


Pharaoh's Servants Ask Pharaoh to Let the Children of Israel Go

Pharaoh’s servants have had enough. They ask Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go to serve their God as they have asked to do. 328 more words

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God Speaks Your Love Language by Gary Chapman

God Speaks Your Love Language is a nice follow up book to Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages (any version). This is a study guide I put together for our small group Bible study. 91 more words


Pharaoh is Given a Warning

God tells Moses to instruct Pharaoh that anything or anyone who he does not bring in from the field and conceal will be struck down from hail. 228 more words

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5 Free Bible 101 Study Resources for Kids Seeking Deeper Bible Answers

The children’s GraceLink quarterlies are wonderful resources that teach children about God’s grace.

But what if you want your children to go deeper into the Word of God and learn the fundamental doctrines of our church? 1,719 more words

Bible Teaching Tools And Best Practices

Go to Work

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  • Why do adults go to work?
  • Does anyone really like work?
  • What do you think most people would do if they didn’t have to go to work?
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Cover to Cover: Let's get Familiar with your Kids' GraceLink Study Guides - Part 1

By Karen Taylor

We are officially in the first month of the final quarter for the year. Where did the time go?

Last Sabbath, Thirteen Sabbath would have been the traditional distribution day for new quarterlies. 2,521 more words

13th Sabbath