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Seeing Christ in the Book of Amos: Four Typological Observations

Firstly, God condemns these children of Abraham because they “sell the righteous for silver” (Amos 2:6), pointing us toward the culmination of the betrayal of God’s righteous Servant by a reprobate physical descendant of Abraham (i.e. 479 more words


Purim - Celebrating God's Deliverance

In a time when Israel faces the greatest Existential threat by almost all its neighbors, the story of Purim could not be more relevant. Only when you understand the position of Israel both historically and geographically, you can truly understand what’s really happening today. 1,679 more words

In Such An Hour

Zech 12:9-11


(9) The Messiah coming to earth was an act of war against Satan and evil. Anytime that God’s people are faithful to Him God defends them. 560 more words

Jeff Scoggins

Was the Ark of the Covenant Flown From Ethiopia to Israel?

In THIS VIDEO interview, Grant Jeffrey explains his version of events – both in regard to how the Ark was taken to Ethiopia by Prince Menelik 3,000 years ago, and also more recent events. 662 more words



This is what posts sound like when written on very, very little sleep.  Seeking to transcend my own body’s somnial needs right now.  Been pretty busy on the homefront lately.  610 more words

What The...?

The Traitor Betrays

Binyamin Netanyahu’s address given before Congress this date is a portend of what will befall the U.S. because of its arrogance.

The government will give up Israel in its deal with Iran for thirty pieces of silver. 88 more words

End Times

Zech 12:7-8


(7) The Lord also promised to save Judah first before Jerusalem so that Jerusalem would not receive more glory than the outlying countryside. Although God seems to involve His people in their own defense, it is God who is responsible for their protection. 394 more words

Jeff Scoggins