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Pharaoh Changes His Mind

Pharaoh and his servants changed their mind. They let the children of Israel leave Egypt and then wonder about what they have done.


  • Do we sometimes not realize how good something is for us until it is gone?
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The Children of Israel Must Save Themselves

God promises the children of Israel that if they mark their doorposts He will pass over them and not kill their firstborn on His way to kill the firstborn of the Egyptians. 306 more words

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Seven With No Leaven

The children of Israel are told that during the seven days of what is now known as the Passover holiday they are not to have any leaven. 269 more words

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When we think of true revival, many imagine this taking place in the sterile, aesthetically-pleasing sanctuaries of our churches. But the last revival and end-time harvest won’t be like a walk through the garden of Eden and if we learned anything about the time preceding Jesus’ first advent, then we’ll realise that the end harvest won’t be found in the apostate church, but out in the wilderness. 468 more words


Pharaoh's Request to Moses

Pharaoh asked Moses to plea to God for him to stop the plague.

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Discussion Questions regarding pleas and  prayers:

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Pharaoh is Given a Warning

God tells Moses to instruct Pharaoh that anything or anyone who he does not bring in from the field and conceal will be struck down from hail. 228 more words

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God tells Pharaoh that He could have just killed him and the Egyptians but He didn’t want to. God wanted them to be a living testimony to His strength. 413 more words

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