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How and Why I Use Different Bible Translations Online

If you look at Thursday’s Christianity 201 post, you’ll see that I used a total of seven scripture verses. The verses were ones that my wife and I discussed that were then located using Yahoo’s search engine and the website… 692 more words


A Water Solution

After the children of Israel crossed the Sea of Reeds safely they went for three days without finding any water. The children of Israel complained to Moses and Moses asked God what to do. 277 more words

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The Children of Israel Have Faith in God and Moses

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Discussion Questions:

  • The children of Israel had seen the “hand of God” before, during the plagues in Egypt, so why does it only say now that they had faith in God and in Moses?
  • 179 more words
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Thinking Versus Complaining

The children of Israel left Egypt. They are in the wilderness and see the Egyptians coming. They complain that they would rather have been slaves in Egypt. 387 more words

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Pharaoh Changes His Mind

Pharaoh and his servants changed their mind. They let the children of Israel leave Egypt and then wonder about what they have done.


  • Do we sometimes not realize how good something is for us until it is gone?
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The Children of Israel Must Save Themselves

God promises the children of Israel that if they mark their doorposts He will pass over them and not kill their firstborn on His way to kill the firstborn of the Egyptians. 306 more words

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Seven With No Leaven

The children of Israel are told that during the seven days of what is now known as the Passover holiday they are not to have any leaven. 269 more words

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