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Jethro Tells Moses to Get Help Serving the Children of Israel

Jethro comes to Moses and sees how he is answering all of the questions and disputes from the children of Israel all by himself. Jethro tells Moses that he must not do it all alone as he will get worn out. 322 more words

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Helping Others

Moses raised his hands to motivate the children of Israel who were fighting Amalek. His hands grew tired and Hur and Aaron helped him.

Discussion Questions Related to Needing Help: 247 more words

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Joshua led the children of Israel to war against Amalek. When Moses raised his hand, Israel was strong. When Moses lowered his hand the children of Israel were overpowered. 191 more words

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Check Out These Great Reviews

Here are the two latest reviews that I received for Enjoying the Book of Ruth: The Bible in Rhyme:

What Marcia has achieved in putting the Book of Ruth in verse form may be summed up in two keenly felt points. 565 more words

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JUST RELEASED: Enjoying the Book of Ruth: The Bible in Rhyme

Enjoying the Book of Ruth: The Bible in Rhyme is the biblical book of Ruth written in rhyming couplets.

This is a story of loyalty, kindness, but above all: choices. 280 more words

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Moving Location

The children of Israel only moved when God “told” them to and they did not move when God did not “tell” them to.


  • What do you think it was like for the children of Israel to know that they would have to move location, but not know when?
  • 264 more words
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