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Pretty Hurts

The amount of judgement that occurs from person to person on a daily basis is astounding to me. Even if one follows the rule of saying nothing if they in fact have nothing good to say at all, the body will more often than not finish the conversation for you. 483 more words


Bias in Data Analysis - real-life is (mostly) non-linear

by Paulo C. Rios,  Jr.

When we create a data model, we are making an abstraction of  what is actually out there. Very often we will be making an approximation. 156 more words

Data Science

Brown Ballerinas: Breaching Color Barriers #race #discrimination #dance

There are a lot of places in the world that are practically colorless.

Of course, you know I don’t mean color as in green or blue or pink — I’m referring to skin color. 462 more words


You can become less sexist and racist while you sleep

There are many benefits to a good nap—improvements to your mood, performance, and memory among them. As a bonus, you could also wake up a bit less racist and sexist. 574 more words

CNN: Why ISIS Is Winning?

CNN recently asked “Why is ISIS winning?”

Earlier, Iraqi government troops and / or Kurdish fighters defeated ISIS at the border town of Kobane, near Turkey, and took control of the Baiji oil refinery, the largest oil refinery in Iraq.   248 more words


Wrong, or not right

               I think we’re a bit bonkers, as a society. The older I get, the worse it gets. Rules get weirder, people get dumber and somehow I’m looking around scratching my head wondering.. 928 more words

What Bugs Me

Research shows how you can tell if someone is lying

Despite decades of work in the field, detecting deception accurately is no easy feat. Even the best techniques and the most trained people only score slightly better than chance at catching liars. 474 more words