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Mùa mưa ở Bhutan (II)

Đêm đầu tiên ở Bhutan, từ trên đồi cao nhìn xuống dưới chỉ thấy le lói vài ánh đèn, có vài hạt mưa đêm và tiếng côn trùng rả rích, tôi có phần hơi mơ hồ tự hỏi “Có thật là mình đang ở Bhutan không nhỉ?”. 1,072 more words


Just from hand to mouth- a true account of living through poverty

If poverty ever grooms a person to become a good leader as many politicians who have come through this experience claim today, then I feel I should be one of the best leaders in the world. 964 more words

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Amazing Flight

There’s a certain grandeur to flying in the Himalayas–I would have loved to have done this flight as pilot in command as it would have evoked feeling of pilots of yore who did the famous Hump route.  501 more words


Alphabet Cities - J is for Jakar (བྱ་ཀར་)

As I have travelled a bit I am going to try and see if I have one city for each letter in the alphabet. Today it is… 12 more words


Bhutan hosts its first international festival

Bhutan – land of happiness, magic and myth – is now welcoming DJs, street artists and dancers, beatboxers and creative thinkers from across the world for a collaborative 10-day festival


Taktsang Monastery - the Spiritual Encounter

Taktsang Monastery or Tiger’s Nest Monastery was perhaps the best part of our visit to Bhutan. It is Bhutan’s most iconic landmark and religious site. Before visiting Bhutan, we did not know that the monastery was so perilously perched on a mountain cliff. 837 more words

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