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Dark Match Dungeon: The Boss Gets Promoted

Welcome back to another edition of the Dark Match Dungeon! As always, this is the feature where I dive headfirst into the unfriendly waters of YouTube to retrieve some forgotten footage of today’s wrestling stars. 273 more words


The Decade in Indie: Aeroform vs. Jollyville F**k-Its (Beyond 11/5/10)

Pre-Match Thoughts: Aeroform is the team of Louis Lyndon and Flip Kendrick. The boys from Jollyville consists of “Nasty” Russ Myers and T-Money. At the time Aeroform had a strong presence in the Midwest, especially in AIW. 579 more words

The Decade in Indie: Team Beyond vs. Team InterSpecies Wrestling (Beyond 5/7/10)

Pre-Match Thoughts: Team Beyond is Chase Burnett and Zane Silver while Team InterSpecies Wrestling is Frankie Arion and Dan Barry.In my hearts of hearts, I’m hoping for an unabashed spotfest. 479 more words

Even Without Context, This Is Still Wrestling Right?

By now you’ve seen the embedded video. To touch on how insane the fallout from the Kimber Lee/Chris Dickinson interaction has been I thought about posting the embedded video from World Star Hip Hop, because yeah, this incident wound up on World Star. 1,571 more words

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The one with the barbed wire Christmas Tree: Beyond Wrestling "Ends Meet" Reviewed

Initial Thought: The crowd looks really big.


JT fixes my bitch from “Tournament For Tomorrow 3”: If you read my TFT3 review you know that I was way down on the way that the JT Dunn/David Starr “break up” story unfolded. 3,620 more words

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Can I Interest You in Three Young Bucks Matches in One Night? Beyond Wrestling "TFT3" Reviewed

So it’s Beyond Wrestling week here and as a major component of that my intent is to post reviews of all the Beyond shows which I’ve neglected up to this point. 2,930 more words

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Hit and Run Review

The first show of 2015 for Beyond wrestling was Hit and Run and took place the Saturday before the Superbowl. What I really enjoyed about this show is that by the end of the night I was already looking forward to the next show. 1,625 more words