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Day 4 | Violence free future - Corporates provide security

Over the past few decades more and more responsibilities of running a nation have passed from Government’s hands to corporate hands. Transportation, Healthcare, Education being some of them. 472 more words

Blessings, Gift of Life, Betterment and The Future

I missed our haiku challenge last Monday. I’m happy to be back. Thanks, Ronovan. The prompt words are future and give.

By Meredith

Blessings… 64 more words


Daily (haha - yeah right) Writing Prompt

The most amazing things in life come in small packages. – found on pinterest

It’s true. Write a story about a character who experiences this truth. 103 more words


Day 2 | A world with no violence - The power of Awe

Envision a world without violence, abuse, molestation, trafficking, slavery etc. Is such a world possible? Is power and misuse of power deeply ingrained into human behavior, or is it just a passing thing? 546 more words

Out of Darkness

After all the negativity I’ve been through in the last few months, I’m tired of it all. I’m trying to walk along a road to positivity but it is definitely easier said than done. 625 more words

General Thoughts

DecoArt's #HelpArtist Program

I’m so overly joyed to announce that I applied and was accepted to DecoArt’s Helping Artist Program! The level of thrill I have flowing through me right now can’t truly be expressed in words….. 132 more words

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