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what it actually takes to stand out in crowd?

I had a kind of thinking or I should say a misconception, which now I think I shouldn’t had. That misconception was that I used to think that my thinking, my philosophies and my ideas are slightly different than others. 603 more words


Practicing to be calm and patient beyond the comfort zone.

Well, life seems so easy and organized when things around us goes according to our planning and when we work under our comfort zone. We are so balanced and in total control when things are right and perfect. 510 more words


San Diego Adventure Day #5 - Old Mission Dam

Hello from the ether ~ I am either all or nothing round here, eh?

My adventure day actually took place on Friday. It’s been overcast the last week or so. 662 more words

Just Me

The Downfall of Complacency

The Downfall of Complacency      by: Gary Hays

Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.

Recently, several people I used to serve with in the USAF, told me they looked up to me as an example during that time. 427 more words



as days flows on  embers  turn to ashes

passion dies along with us

my eyes cried with my heart

blood spluttered between my breast

fear  sets in and I was lost and confuse… 245 more words


Five-Minute Betterment: "And none will hear the postman's knock without a quickening of the heart. For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?" - W. H. Auden

Even in our digital world, there is still nothing quite like getting a letter in the mail.  Not a bill, not something addressed to Our Neighbor At, a real live genuine stamped postal parcel from someone you actually know.   622 more words