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It's Time Now

This has been a devastating weekend for a lot of friends of mine either situated in Nepal or with family and friends in Nepal. The impact of a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 is still being ascertained as a combination of aftershocks, damaged infrastructure, and poor weather hamper relief efforts in the areas most affected. 1,537 more words


I Do Think I'm Better

I don’t know how to not feel better than a person I know that I’m smarter than. I know that I’ve been taught all my life not to feel better than others, but I really do and always have. 375 more words

Alright Houston, we have a problem...

I can’t sleep. I can’t think. I can’t train. Yes, we certainly do have a problem.

And it’s not just this annoying back strain, no no. 26 more words


The Mountaintop Experience

Throughout Scripture, wonderful experiences tend to happen at the top of a mountain. It was on Mt. Ararat that Noah and his family brought the ark to rest and first saw the new world. 452 more words


super productive

I had a good day at work. I was super productive AND I made it through the 3 pm slump when I thought I would go get myself a little chocolate treat. 347 more words


Daily Writing Prompt #20

Not all victories are about saving the universe. – Found on Pinterest

Write a story about a person who believes that it’s the big things that matter… there is an obstacle that prevents him from doing something as simple as brushing his hair, crossing the street, mounting a horse… whatever genre you like. What is the obstacle?

Creative Writing

Daily Writing Prompt #18

Time is not the boss of you. – found on pinterest