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~A L i t t l e B e t t e r~

My new found love and I ended up moving to Irving (where his parents live). The place we lived before we had an old beat up couch, and an air mattress. 150 more words


Things Happen for a Reason

As cliche as that sounds, nothing could be more true. It’s okay to react to situations, but I try not to dwell on them for too long. 127 more words



So I honestly don’t know why i decided to make this video but I did and the subject is water, yes you read it right WATER

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Check Out My Lovely New Website


Anna Welle Ayurveda has been upgraded to a new wordpress site. I would LOVE for you to check it out, post any questions or comments there and get in on the Ayurveda love.



Behavior Is Affected By Environment

Have you noticed how being in certain environments can evoke a wide range of different feelings – joy, freedom, relaxation or the opposites? Not only that but the people that share the environment with you impact it as well by providing it with a multiple “person-ality”.  506 more words


When it rains it pours, then all the dirt gets washed away and a rainbow appears.

I started this blog to help organize my thoughts and share my story with whoever is interested. But most importantly to share my entire journey..of my life. 802 more words

I need some tough love.

I know I haven’t published a post in a very long time. I do miss writing, I love it and how I could express my thoughts – it’s good for the soul. 272 more words