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Which Booze to Choose - Part 1

Woohoo! Who doesn’t love the summer? There aren’t many things I enjoy more than a refreshing drink in the evening sun. Sun and booze have a lot in common: … 1,417 more words

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I Say Microbiome, You Say What???

‘Microbiome’ is the term for the collection of microorganisms living in or on the human body. They live everywhere: on your skin, eyes and nails, in your mouth, digestive tract, gut, and genitals. 1,611 more words

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Your Ultimate Guide to Mojo Maintenance

Do you ever find yourself wishing your life away?

‘I’ll just finish this project and then I’ll be happy’, ‘When I meet the perfect partner, then I can start living my life’, ‘Just wait till I get this promotion, then I can start to do things the way I want’, and even the seemingly innocuous ‘The weekend can’t come soon enough’. 1,685 more words

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Salad 101

I’ve been reading a lot about health and wellness recently and boy is it a complex and confusing topic. Some people swear one thing is the cause of all our problems (carbs, sugar, gluten, meat, etc.) while others swear the very same thing is the key to a happy healthy life. 2,030 more words

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Meat-free Mission

Calling all superheroes!

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a superhero and save the world? Well, now’s your chance. Yes, that’s right. The power to slow down the destruction of the earth and help eradicate hunger is already yours. 1,794 more words

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Amazing Grains

What would you say if I told you there’s a very simple swap you can make TODAY which will have a huge positive impact on your health, energy levels and mood? 1,390 more words

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What's a girl like me doing with a blog like this?

I started this blog for a whole lot of reasons but mainly to help me figure some stuff out. It’s been a pretty big year: I had a baby, the long recovery afterwards was a complete surprise to me, my career as an opera singer (check out… 843 more words

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