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Memorial Day: public schools, standardized tests, corporate profits and American values

On Memorial Day those who sacrificed their lives for our country are honored for their sacrifices and their shared belief in American values.


We did not sacrifice our lives for corporate profiteers and politicians who declare non-college ready children as failures. 293 more words


An Incomplete Journal Entry

What is normal? I think normal is knowing how to pretend to be happy even when you’re burning inside. My normal is different. I can’t hide the way I feel. 45 more words


Soul Food. 6-25

“We make up all sorts of excuses for why we avoid speaking the truth: I don’t want to hurt anyone; I don’t know what will happen to me; I just want to keep peace in the family. 23 more words

Life without you...

Life without the one you love around, hurts. It is perhaps the worst feeling I have ever experienced. I’ve seen people die, I’ve watched people go, whom will never come back.. 902 more words



The whisper of the pines warns of danger,
Yet I recklessly ignore their words.
Running hand in hand through the forest,
I find it hard to imagine that being led astray… 44 more words


[POEM] Five Sneaky Things

Five Sneaky Things
for Claude


I’ve only ever seen your name typed in conversation, but I imagine you handsome:
tall, dark hair, maybe black curls that fall over your forehead and eyes in the way… 761 more words

My Poems

Never Ever Betray Someone's Trust

When someone gives you a rare insight into their life, do not repay that gesture by betraying their trust. — Dodinsky