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The Godly Hearts Column: 7 Reasons Being Single Is Probably The Best Thing For You Right Now

Earlier this evening I read one of those cheeky posts where it lists, sometimes completely accurately and hilariously, a whole bunch of reasons why you happen to be just like a character from a TV show or a movie or why you should live in a certain part of the country or which one you are in the girl gang – and I thought it was about jolly time that I attempted one for myself. 1,258 more words


Month In Review: February and March wherein I do a lot and also nothing

Once upon a time I became a workaholic who’s social life began and ended in take out and movies at her boyfriend’s place and falling asleep exhausted and waking up exhausted only to go to work and repeat it all the next day. 668 more words


4 unforgettable lessons from an unforgettable person.

“A good friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you”

I have been given some incredible friends. One in particular has been such a LARGE part of my life. 531 more words

Life Lessons

13 Ways You Know It’s Time To Break Up With Your BFF

1. You’re on call 24/7.

Your friend needs reassurance or your approval before handling every aspect of her life. This includes decisions like what pair of sneakers to buy, what time to hit the gym, how to respond to a certain text message or what soap to use on her dishes. 849 more words

The Bench

Many winters I have seen,
Sitting in this desolate little park.
Lonely poets who come and go,
Young lovers with yearning eyes,
Children pulling along man’s best friend… 145 more words



Jumping fences and raising hell.

wagging tail and sloppy kisses,

sweeper fun and countless bones.

Long walks and secrets talks.

My companion, my best friend. 164 more words