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My Favorite Sibling And Why I Want Four Kids

Dear Reader,

I was jokingly and snarkily asked a question a few days ago that has made me both laugh and contemplate over the span of then and now. 978 more words

A Girl's Letter to Her Best Friend

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but I had a much different experience growing up. My cat was my best friend. And though I use the term best friend loosely, my cat, Callahan, was always there for me when I needed him and I hope he left this world feeling the same about me. 1,128 more words


Splurge Sister

We all love to shop and we all love a good splurge, that feeling, the rush when you have several items in your basket, your already making outfits in your head before you get to the till, you clearly should save the money, you can’t afford it at all but your heart says yes treat yourself and the brain is over ruled! 234 more words


I’m never usually THIS talkative.

I’m always the silent one, sitting in the corner, judging the heck out of everyone, lacking the skills of socializing perhaps the reason being, I’m vaguely freaked out by the very thought of human beings. 288 more words

Seriously Unserious Stuff.

19 Ways To Know Your Best Friend Is The BEST Friend

1. You’ve developed a unique way of talking to each other in words and slang phrases you’ve perfected over the years.

2. When they make a purposeful change in their appearance — a big new tattoo, a new hairstyle, a gym bod — you remember what they used to look like and you watch them become a whole new person. 391 more words