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Out Along Turner Road


In 1974, long time Berowra resident Tony Sneddon wrote an excellent, detailed geography assignment on Berowra. He has generously shared this document with berowralivinghistory.com.The following 2 photos and quote come from that assignment. 186 more words


A Follow Up To Sustainability In Berowra

Berowra is an amazing community, with a fabulous history, and at Berowra Living History, we love nothing more than hearing from our community. Your memories, photos, memorabilia and recollections are the lifeblood of the project. 289 more words


Sustainability In Berowra

In a time when recycle, reuse and respect is something of a catch phrase, many tend to think of sustainability as a new phenomenon. Yet as this excerpt from the local newspaper The Advocate, from April 10, 1940 shows, recycling is nothing new! 59 more words


Berowra Netball Club Part 1 - The Beginning, 1960

“Our club began when the men on the committee of Berowra Soccer Club asked Mrs Joan Olsen to ‘do something for the girls’.

Up to this time the boys had both cricket and soccer. 114 more words


A Receipt of Interest

A time back I received a phone call asking if berowralivinghistory knew where the Thirgood Store had been located in Berowra.

We did not at that time have any information and we were not even sure of the spelling of the name. 145 more words


Fishing At Berowra Waters

The image above is an idyllic view of Berowra, a place of fun, leisure and relaxation. In the foreground, a man enjoys a day on the water, casting his line and waiting to see what bites. 88 more words


My Job As An Apprentice Baker

I worked for A R Kerslake of Berowra between January 1944 and June 1950. His business was located at the beginning of Berowra Waters Road near the Pacific Highway. 219 more words