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Switzerland - More to Love!

What comes to mind when you think about Switzerland; chocolate, cheese, skiing the Swiss Alps, or its iconic distinction as a peace loving neutral country?  Well Switzerland is all that and more. 455 more words


The Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland, Bern, Switzerland

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Bist Du auf der Suche nach einer Werkstatt in der Stadt?

Für Sam Nüesch und mich war es schon im Herbst 2014 ein Anliegen, uns für Möglichkeiten einzusetzen das in der Stadt eine zugängliche Werkstatt entsteht. Dies weil wir selber gerne mit Material und Werkzeug hantieren, jedoch auch Personen in unserem Umfeld haben, welche an einem solchen Angebot Interesse zeigen. 76 more words


Are you looking for a room for handcrafts in the city?

For Sam Nüesch and me it has been a desire since a longer time, to invest into an accessible workshop in the city of Bern. We like to work with different materials and tools and know people in our network who would like to use a workshop as well. 94 more words


Switzerland | Sunday in Bern

Last week, my friend from Germany came visit me. And I took her to Bern to visit after Fribourg. And it was a good day. We did some visit with beautiful weather, had some rosti which was so yummy. 10 more words



Me laat d’Lüt zeersch la usstiige!

Mundart-Song am PixMix vom 18.03.2015

PixMix ist eine offene Plattform für alle, die ihre eigenen Erfahrungen, Gedanken, Ideen und Projekte öffentlich vorstellen möchten. 92 more words


More than 25 years...

It is strange to me that I’ve reached an age where I can say things like, “we’ve known each other for more than 25 years,” but last weekend, I said that sentence multiple times while introducing my visitor to friends & colleagues here. 327 more words