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Would you have a baby to stay on benefits, and is all really fair in a world where ovaries & testicles co-exist?

I heard on the news last week about a man who got divorced 20 years ago. He has since won the lottery, which is probably irksome for his ex-wife, but surely, decades on, doesn’t mean that much? 1,045 more words

Why are we proud to work so hard?

I’m listening to another one of a thousand radio, TV, online debates about that loaded, trendy, dirty word benefits. ‘Cut them! Not for foreigners! Better than work, how can that be right!?’ Amongst the shouting and the raised emotions a caller proclaims proudly his daughter works three jobs to support her daughter and thus all those claiming to be unable to find a job aren’t trying hard enough! 1,068 more words


Simple Concept But Not So Simple Application. Without Prejudice Is The Law. Public Hoaxing Is An Executable Offense. It Results In Public Genocide.

When prejudice is mentioned people tend to think about race and gender. Prejudice exists in everything like education, religion, medical preferences etc. I am going to use a very simple and maybe the biggest one of all. 178 more words

Just Because

The Tories are not our masters, they are inhuman thugs

A letter a day to number 10. No 983

Friday 23 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Whatever position you hold in the land, you are no ones master by right of birth, inheritance, education, wealth, fame, vote or infamy. 416 more words

The protest of Bafgh Koshk Mines’ workers in Yazd city

December 08, 2014

The protest of 150 Bafgh Koshk Mines’ workers are on second day. The workers are demanding three month’s unpaid wages, benefits, better wages, recognising the Mine jobs as a harmful and hazardous jobs and better safety at workplace… 151 more words

Stop wasting time on Friday

As the week winds down you finally get to Friday, which for many employees turns out to be the most unproductive day of the week. Most of us are looking forward to the week being over and may be even a bit burned out, and by noon productivity begins to dip. 563 more words


Why Sustainability metrics matters

For those business that have recognized the need to embrace sustainable product development, the very next step is to identify how to implement it. Implementing Sustainable product design in manufacturing requires identifying practical indicators of sustainability and understanding how they can be measured over time to determine whether progress is being made.Sustainability metrics are designed to consolidate key measures of environmental, economic and social performance. 105 more words