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ENG# Benefits Street Season 2 Episode 3 Series 2 Full

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Benefits Street 02×03

Is Benefits Street right to give people on the dole such a bad reputation?

People who claim benefits already have an undeservedly bad reputation among many circles and the last thing that they need is yet another series of programmes demonising them as criminal and workshy. 517 more words


Why Benefits Street Matters To Me

Benefits Street worries me for a number of reasons and Grace Dent sums most of them up perfectly. But the biggest (and most personal) reason that I object to it is because it exploits complicated stories for an hour of “dramatic” television. 380 more words

Benefits Street 2

So after all the bad press surrounding Benefits Street Channel 4 actually found another street to appear in the programme Benefits Street 2 this baffles me why would anyone want to appear on a show which clearly doesn’t show you at your best, is this explotating the vulnerable who might not fully understand what there consenting to in the opening episode we see local papers taking pics printing what locals say “these are lies” after stories hit local papers we then see a flood of national papers and freelance journalist showing up and while locals consented to being filmed by ch4 there pictures are being snapped by people who haven’t had consent this for me is wrong and the icing on the cake here is what most of the journalists say to ch4 “excuse me I don’t want my picture taken here don’t film me” and quit rightly one local said “so it’s OK for you to take my picture without my consent” so who is exploiting who? 444 more words

Just My Opinion

Benefits Street

I’m not going to rant loads like I did last series but this one is filmed down the road from me and oh my god, I already want to punch someone. 71 more words


There’s been an awful lot of news in the past fortnight in the UK. Some will have received great news. Many others will have received the worst news possible. 1,178 more words

Benefits Street

Benefits Street series 2: This is everything Katie Hopkins had to say about it

Of course Katie Hopkins had something to say about the residents of Benefits Street.

We’re pretty used to Hopkins putting her two cents in where it’s not wanted for the sake of a couple of retweets, and Benefits Street was no exception. 380 more words