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Benefits Street is now on hold in case it affects General Election voters

Channel 4 have put a hold on their controversial series Benefits Street – in case us fickle viewers are swayed heavily in which way we vote in the election. 188 more words


'Star' in BENEFITS STREET - You won't get paid!

The makers of  BENEFITS STREET racked up a £5.5million profit last year – and didn’t give a penny to it’s stars.

The production company is set to rake in even more when a second series of the poverty porn show goes out on Channel 4 latert his year. 322 more words


What's behind the surge in poverty porn? We are

It was nearly 2,000 years ago that the Roman poet Juvenal coined the phrase ‘bread and circuses’ to satirise the politics of his day.

In the years since, the words have come to describe the sort of crowd-pleasing distractions that are used to preoccupy proles while the societal scenery collapses. 578 more words

Justice on Benefits Street

This is a story about English justice in our times. It also concerns a rather confused young man in his mid-20s, whom we shall call Joe. 1,735 more words


Immigration Street: Nothing but losers

Immigration is perhaps the foremost issue in British society as we approach the general election. It’s rivalled only by the economy and the state of the NHS on the agenda of public concern. 553 more words


IMMIGRATION STREET- What the show didn't tell you.

I have lived on Derby Road for twenty years.

As you all know Love Productions (don’t be fooled by the name) sponsored by Channel 4, sought to tarnish Southampton’s reputation in the same way it did with ‘Benefits Street’ by filming on the very diverse, Derby Road. 1,191 more words