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BPL is Never Gonna Give You Up During Tax Season

The IRS is the anti-Rick Astley.

This tax season, it has proceeded to do five of six things the ‘80s pop sensation would never do to you: give you up, let you down, run around and desert you, say goodbye, and make you cry. 359 more words

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Take Our Books, Please

Garth Brook has friends in low places. Charles Grodin had man’s best friend. These guys have each other’s super friendly company. Those are some pretty solid friends, but the library’s got compadres to rival them all. 239 more words

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It Had to Be Uke

3D printing has been part of the BPL lifestyle for well over a year now, and we don’t plan to change our ways anytime soon. In fact, we keep it so three dimensional around here, we’re about to add a second 3D printer, one capable of printing two different colors at once. 157 more words

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Getting Out of a Jam

All of those who work in an office-y environment know that every now and then, you’re inevitably going to have to engage in a Michael Bolton-esque… 338 more words

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The ILS is Dead, Long Live the ILS

As David Bowie would say, “turn and face the strange,” because ch-ch-changes are upon us in library land. As of yesterday, BPL and its partner libraries are officially live with Polaris, a new ILS (Integrated Library System, which is fancy talk for “that computer thing what keeps track of all the books”) that will change your library catalog experience, hopefully for the better. 407 more words

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No Calm at Sea

Several times in the hallowed history of this blog, I’ve pontificated about a lack of silence being acceptable in the modern public library. As it turns out, “public” is quite the operative word in that sentiment, as a recent experience in a library of a different type has shown me my tolerance for tumult doesn’t extend to the entire biblioverse. 570 more words

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