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New Item - Knope - Wyatte 2016 Campaign Patch

I honestly cannot think of anybody I’d rather have in office right now than Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt.  So, I thought I’d make them a campaign button. 26 more words

Parks and Rumination: What Pawnee Meant to Me

Parks and Recreation took its final bow a few weeks ago, as of this writing. The show meant a lot to me for very particular reasons, and I’ve long wanted to pay tribute to that on this blog. 3,358 more words


50 Shades? Knope, I Don't Think So

Written by Lillian Winters

There has been a lot of buzz in the media around the cultural phenomenon that is the “50 Shades of Grey” series. 1,120 more words


ICYMI: I Want To Cry More So I'm Rehydrating

Well folks, it’s over. Our friends in Pawnee are off living their lives without the cameras and us to follow their every move. But it’s okay, because we know they’re okay, even in the future. 1,669 more words

Good Night and Good Luck, Pawnee

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. Real life has been preventing me from updating. Leave it to work being absolute chaos of sorts. 968 more words

Killer Queen

Goodbye Parks and Recreation

This week I suffered a great loss. Parks and Recreation aired its final episode this Tuesday, and we were forced to say goodbye to Pawnee and all who live there. 1,111 more words


Parks and Recreation: One Last Ride

Parks and Recreation was one of my favorite shows on TV for the seven years it was on. Leslie Knope and her cohorts at the Pawnee Parks Department were an endearing bunch of goofballs, and I definitely formed a strong parasocial relationship with the lot of them. 832 more words