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Great-Aunt Milly's false teeth

The funny thing is, that once you start to think about something, the more you hear about it from other sources, or the more you see things related to it. 886 more words

Stop! you're under duress... I mean arrest!

If you get a chance, read Blind Faith by Ben Elton. It gives you a glimpse into a world where social media has invaded everything, privacy is considered illegal and the anti-vaccination lobby has won their fight against logic and reason. 682 more words

The Emotions in Writing (Quote of the Day)

It’s interesting to me to think that we may each have one facet of our emotions that “informs our writing,” as Ben Elton seems to imply. 354 more words


Blind Faith by Ben Elton

This book was recommended to me by one of my tutors after my feedback before Christmas. It’s based in a future society, where social media has developed phenomenally, and people no longer have any privacy in their lives. 364 more words


Happy birthday to Ben Elton. I hope you will not object if I offer my most enthusiastic contrafibularities

Though largely an unknown name in the US, Ben Elton was a writer on two of the BBC’s best eighties comedies, The Young Ones and Blackadder. 83 more words


What I Read In April!

Welcome to the second installment of “What I Read”, where I go through the books I’ve read in the month! This month I read two books, one better than the other, but two very different books altogether.

731 more words