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Cual corte preferiria usted?

Solamente una linda chica, a quien se le puede admirar como a un amanecer o a una flor, algo de buen humor; pero con su debido respeto. 90 more words


I never did fit well with fairy tales, because I never believed in them, or maybe they never believed in me.

I have been tapping my heels together in these ruby red slippers for years, and the only magic that happens is the way they magically fall off my feet. 95 more words

Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow

Live like you’ll die tomorrow,

work like you don’t need the money,

and dance like nobody’s watching.


Bob Fosse


OUTFIT:  Asteria Creations 62 more words

Noir Fatale

I’d love to play a femme fatale in a film noir.

I’m thinking of one of those roles


that Lauren Bacall or Bette Davis might have played. 96 more words

Modern Victorian

I was once a graduate student in Victorian literature,

and I believe as the Victorian novelists did,


that a novel isn’t simply a vehicle

for private expression, 102 more words


It must be said that it is challenging to balance


uncompromising artistic integrity

with commercial requirements,

but I’ve also come to learn that couture clients… 59 more words

Bang bang..

This pic was totally inspired by a fellow blogger, who showed me the gun belt. He just started to blog again after a while and if you are a guy and/or love guy stuff you should check his blog… 131 more words