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It's Eurovision Week! Here's what I'm up to

It’s Eurovision week and so naturally I am more excited than during the run-up to Christmas. I love the Eurovision Song Contest. So much that I’ve made it my job. 228 more words

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#BeTheNoise: Celebrate International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

On Sunday 17 May International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia is celebrated around the world. People will join in events all over the globe, making a stand for human rights for all – regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 252 more words

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The new, rebranded E.D.E.N Film website is live and with it all the films that E.D.E.N Action! produced, including the brilliant, myth-busting film Byephobia.

E.D.E.N Action! 93 more words

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If I could vote, I'd vote for a new system

Diversity benefits every aspect of society, so why don’t we see it in parliament?

I’m Swedish so I can’t vote in the UK general election – well, I can vote for my local council, and I will, but that’s it. 415 more words

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Video: Break The Silence

These brave Russian activists are making sure that LGBT voices are never silenced.

Today, April 17th, is the International Day of Silence. Around the world, communities are drawing attention to the fact that discrimination and violence against LGBT people is happening, and yet is silenced, all over the world. 64 more words

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Bye bye biphobia

This week I have a thing or two to say about biphobia – and I invite you to join me for a film premiere!

Us bisexual people can have it tricky sometimes. 393 more words

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It’s time for the media to become trans friendly

My friend Nell is transgender and I have no interest in seeing what she looked like before she transitioned. It is none of my business and it shouldn’t be the business of any media reporting on the abuse she suffered. 786 more words

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