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Depend on Miracles

One Sunday morning I heard my minister say if you want result from prayer, pray for thirty days without ceasing. I didn’t know why it was thirty days, but I was willing to give it a try. 682 more words

Moral Reads


Some may know lots of people argue whether “HALO” is an overrated game or not.

I myself appreciate the “HALO” series for its story and all those factors that make it a great to sci-fi game, 149 more words


It wasn't just a tree

I had always found this dying tree to be beautiful. In fact, it was one of my favorite trees. I could appreciate how it stood out apart from all the other thriving trees. 309 more words

The Detour

If I were to turn the wheel slightly and steer down the path,

the path with the grass growing up through the cracks,

the path that silently led, “to nowhere fast.” 117 more words


I'm Waiting Lord ~

I’m waiting Lord,
waiting just on You
I know deep down . . .
You will come through.

I’m believing Lord,
with all my heart and soul… 81 more words

Christian Poetry

....then what are you going to do about it?

So this blog kind of became a distant memory when I got pregnant with Tess. Things got so crazy and hectic and I kind of felt like I didn’t have much to say anymore. 1,724 more words

The Power of "IAM"



Whatever it is that you believe, it is true because you believe it. You make your reality, the world you live in, is the world you have created by what you perceive the world to be. 15 more words