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Is religion a guide or necessity?

True religion has intrigued people for decades. People have been questioning followers: Is religion is a guide or a necessity for all? Is religion what its supposed to be? 58 more words


What is the Gospel of Peace & Grace? ~ part 2

So I’m back after a busy week of kids, school and life! Here where I live Spring has sprung. The yellow pollen from the pine trees is beginning to coat everything and my scratchy, itchy throat and eyes tell me that everything else has also begun it’s new season. 1,013 more words


'HUGE SURGE' OF 'UNSCREENED' MUSLIMS FLOODING U.S. Feds 'admit, under oath, that they have no idea who these people are'

Editor’s comment:  Back on March 21st, I posted an article about some police departments considering the hiring of immigrants.  Being a retired police officer myself, it left me with a very uneasy feeling.   1,269 more words


When you're in the middle of it...

I haven’t been inspired these past few weeks. I’ve been in the middle of non-normal crap, the stuff that sideswipes you and makes you forget all your plans and well-meaning intentions for your life and makes you scoff at all that extra stuff – the projects, the memory-keeping and yoga, the playtime, the fun – as just window dressing. 1,318 more words



I am building up a repertoire of things to imitate.  So far I can imitate a table, chair, ceiling, floor, door, and a window.  Presently I am working on imitating human beings. 149 more words