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You're not everyones cup of tea, and thats okay

I’ve stopped caring about what others think of me,

I let others dictate the way i lived my life,

I never put my happiness over others, 235 more words

Most beautiful, yet painful reality

“You are inconsiderate, lazy and with a little mind. I would have never thought you could do this to us” My Mother told me. I still remember this moment as if it was yesterday. 658 more words

Telling Stories- Blog 5


Controversies over Netanyahu’s recent address to the United States Congress seemed to reside with issues of proper political protocol then the real issue of Iran’s nuclear capabilities’. 251 more words


Verse of the Day

Colossians 4:5 – “Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time”


Out of the Mouths, Er, Hands of Babes

Have you ever gone through life, minding you own business, and then, one day something happens that makes you question one of your core beliefs? That day came for me on November 5, 2007. 524 more words

Extra Terrestrial

Guys, like, we talk a lot on this website about a lot of tangible things that we could take pictures of and prove with facts but in a lifestyle-y, cool, fun way, but today I want to take this tone into a weird, cool way….Which is…aliens. 499 more words


I haven't made my mind up about ghosts

Let me start this blog post by giving you a little background information about myself (& possibly my family). My mother & grandmother are superstitious. 703 more words