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Don't Forget Your Vitamins

“Always Remember to take your Vitamins:
Take your Vitamin A for ACTION,
Vitamin B for Belief,
Vitamin C for Confidence,
Vitamin D for Discipline,
Vitamin E for Enthusiasm!!” 25 more words

Spiritual Observations

Beware of no man more than of yourself

“Beware of no man more than of yourself, for we often carry our worst enemies within us.”

– Charles Spurgeon –
from the book The Complete John Ploughman


We Are the Ummah

We invite to the path of Islam,
Enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong.

We’re the Prophet’s Ummah,
Slaves of the Almighty Creator. 416 more words


A Place Called Hell

Anyone believe in hell anymore?

Anyone ever hear of the place?

There used to be a place called hell and you knew you didn’t want to go there after you died.  661 more words


America and Americans


I exist in a weird sphere of influences: I was born on Hong Kong, studied secondary and junior college in Singapore, attended university in the U.S., and worked in the U.S. 911 more words


Quantum Physics supports the notion that we create the world we live in

Most people have heard about how the discoveries within quantum physics over the past fifty years have revolutionized the way scientists see the world and the laws of nature. 469 more words


"As I fast" Series, #16

The sixth and final quality that Allah mentions in the beginning of Surah Baqarah of those who are conscious of Him is believing in the hereafter. 255 more words