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“To me, it has always been the heart of the mystery, the heart of the heart: the way people talk about loving things, which things, and why.”

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Praying For Foolishness: A Poem


My father spoke of atheism as if it were a religion,

pounding the points of his argument into the dinner table,

spilling the salt with the seed of his own bad temper. 302 more words


Museum Time- Adventure of the Week!

After the triathlon on April 19, I felt I needed to move around. I was afraid that if I stayed seated and rested that I would be miserable on the plane back home later that evening. 1,462 more words


My Prison Ministry

My prison ministry  involves one 31 year old man, Ben.  Over a month ago I visited Ben for the second time and he opened up and told me his story of how God changed his life. 844 more words


On Discernment

I think it’s important to choose the church you go to carefully. I didn’t realize the importance of this as a young Christian adult in a big city in my early twenties. 725 more words


Honesty moment: Sometimes the Christian life is hard. Sometimes I know things to be true about God but I have a really hard time believing… 629 more words

Mist is Movement

It is dangerous to intellectualize God. That’s like intellectualizing your neighbor, only your neighbor doesn’t hold the sky, stars and all molecules together in perfect harmony. 148 more words